Paving Salt Swindon

As we approach the colder months of the year, frosty, icy mornings become more of a regular occurrence.

If it’s been raining, invariably this turns to sheet ice and before you know it our paths and driveways become something of an ice rink.

Salt for paths and driveways is a great way to combat this. Let’s take a look at the reasons why salt is a must for your Swindon household and how we can help this winter.


Paving Salt Swindon

Why use salt?

Salt is used to help melt ice and snow on surfaces. When applied to icy driveways or paths, salt lowers the freezing point of water, turning ice into a brine solution. This makes it easier to shovel or remove the ice mechanically.

Prevents Ice Formation

Applying salt before snowfall or when temperatures are near freezing can prevent the formation of ice. The salt creates a barrier, hindering the bonding of ice to the pavement or surface.

Stops Slipping

When it’s freezing, our paths and driveways can get pretty slippy, especially when there has been rain which can turn to ice. If expecting snowfall or ice, it’s a good idea to salt your drives and pathways or the pavements outside your home to make it safe for family members and visitors to walk on.  The salt works by melting ice which creates a wet surface that is less slippery than a solid sheet of ice. Therefore reducing the risk of slips and falls.


Salt is generally more cost-effective than some alternative de-icing agents. It is widely available and is often used in large quantities for municipal road maintenance. What you will find used in road gritters though is a dirty brown kind of salt, What you want for your homes is white rock salt which is a lot cleaner and less messy than the more industrial salt. This is something that you will find at Sansums.

Ease of Application

Salt is easy to spread, whether manually or using mechanical spreaders. Its granular form allows for even distribution over a surface.


At Sansums Swindon, we are stockists of rock salt. This form of salt is derived from the evaporation of seawater and is white in colour, preferable to its brown counterpart which is considered messier. Rock salt is also great for killing weeds and is considered more environmentally friendly than the brown version.

We have rock salt ready here to collect at our Swindon premises. Simply pop in and pick some up so you are ready for those cold and icy spells.