High-quality drainage products that will last

Working drainage systems are something we all take for granted, except when they go wrong. Therefore it’s important that you have high-quality products if you’re installing or replacing drainage systems.

At Sansum you can choose from a range of drainage products in a variety of angles and sizes to suit any job.

So whether you’re looking for underground drainage products to replace the old system, or you’re fixing a broken piece of piping, we’ll help you choose the right products for the job.

Visit our store in Swindon where our friendly staff will help you with any queries you may have and offer any advice on installation and repairs.

See below for the products we have available here at Sansums Sand & Gravel.


✓ We use only the very best materials
✓ We take great pride in the products we sell

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Use our drainage products around your home

Use our drainage products around your home

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Screed Trays for putting in floors to allow access to drainage

Choose from the following drainage products:

  • 110mm plain ended 3m pipe
  • 110mm coupler
  • 110mm slip coupler
  • 110mm single socket 15 degree bend
  • 110mm single socket 30 degree bend
  • 110mm single socket 45 degree bend
  • 110mm single socket 90 degree bend
  • 110mm double 15 degree bend
  • 110mm double 30 degree bend
  • 110mm double 45 degree bend
  • 110mm double 90 degree bend
  • 110mm 0-90 degree adjustable bend
  • 110mm Y junction
  • 110mm T junction
  • 110mm gully
  • 110mm trap
  • 110mm inspection
  • 110mm inspection chamber cover
  • Clay to 110mm plastic adptor
  • 1m long aco channel grid
  • Aco end cap
lydd pebbles Swindon

Decorative Gravel

Perfect for all gardens and outdoor commercial areas.  Choose from various colours and shades

Old Gold paving blocks and slabs Swindon

Patio & Paving

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or renovating your existing garden, find something to suit your needs here

Block Paving Swindon

Block Paving

We will advise you on the best way to add a new touch to your garden or driveway and what tools & materials to use
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Sansums Fencing Department stocks a range of closeboard fencing kits so that you can order the parts you need

Transform Your Lawn with Artificial Grass Before Winter

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass conveniently comes in four-metre widths, ensuring a hassle-free and customisable solution for your garden.