Artificial Grass

Remarkably realistic artificial turf

Here at Sansums, we proudly offer a selection of remarkably realistic artificial turf from JAG, accompanied by all the essential tools for seamless installation.

Our commitment extends to convenient delivery services tailored to your needs, wherever you need.

Available for purchase by the metre, our artificial grass conveniently comes in four-metre widths, ensuring a hassle-free and customisable solution for your lawn needs.

Advantages of Artificial Grass:

Durability – Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and inclement weather, artificial grass remains resilient against wear and tear, requiring minimal upkeep compared to its natural counterpart.

Low Maintenance – Liberating you from the tasks of watering, mowing, and fertilising, artificial turf demands little attention, freeing up time and resources for other endeavors.

All-Weather Versatility – Unaffected by adverse weather conditions, synthetic turf remains steadfast in rain or shine, ensuring uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment for children and pets alike, sans the muddy aftermath.

Safety – Providing a secure surface for recreational activities, artificial turf eliminates the risk of slips and falls, boasting a stable foundation devoid of loose blades that may cause harm.

Aesthetic Appeal – Seamlessly blending with its natural surroundings, artificial turf exudes a lifelike appearance, perfect for achieving a uniform and meticulously groomed landscape, devoid of pesky weeds and unsightly patches.


✓ We use only the very best materials
✓ We take great pride in the products we sell

In addition to the benefits mentioned, it also offers the following:

  • Reduced water usage
  • Reduced pesticide and fertilizer use
  • Improved safety
  • Increased playability

What Type of Artificial Grass?

We currently offer two types of astroturf at Sansums: 


Windsor 30mm artificial grass

Tri-coloured natural look
10-year guarantee
2m or 4m widths available
Up to 25m per roll (length)

Ascot 35mm artificial grass

Tri-coloured natural look
10-year guarantee
2m or 4m widths available
Up to 25m per roll (length)

How do you lay Artifical Grass?

Not only can we supply the artificial turf and the products needed to lay it, we can also give you a guide on how to do so. Laying artificial grass involves several steps to ensure a smooth and professional-looking installation. Here’s a detailed guide:

Prepare the area: Start by clearing the designated area of any debris, rocks, or vegetation. Ensure the ground is level and compacted. If necessary, add a layer of crushed rock or sand to improve drainage.
Measure and cut the turf: Measure the area carefully and cut the artificial grass to fit using a sharp utility knife. Leave a slight overlap at the edges to ensure a seamless finish.

Lay the base: Apply a layer of compacted base material, such as crushed rock or decomposed granite, to create a stable foundation for the turf. Use a compactor to ensure the base is level and firmly packed.

Install edging: Install edging around the perimeter of the area to secure the turf in place and prevent it from shifting over time. This can be done using flexible plastic or metal edging, nailed or screwed into place.

Roll out the turf: Carefully roll out the artificial grass over the prepared area, ensuring it sits evenly and without wrinkles. If necessary, trim any excess turf using a utility knife.

Join seams: If you’re using multiple rolls of turf, carefully align the seams and secure them together using adhesive tape or glue. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific adhesive product you’re using.

Secure the turf: Once the turf is in place, secure it along the edges and seams using landscape staples or nails. Space the staples or nails approximately 6-8 inches apart along the edges and seams.

Brush and infill: Use a stiff brush to brush the turf fibers upright and evenly distribute any infill material, such as silica sand or rubber granules, across the surface. This helps to weigh down the turf and provide additional support.

Compact and settle: Use a compactor or roller to compact the turf and settle the infill material into the fibers. This helps to improve the stability and appearance of the turf.

Final touches: Trim any excess edging material and tidy up the surrounding area to complete the installation.

Following these steps carefully will ensure a professional-looking and long-lasting installation of artificial grass.

To discover our range of artificial grass and associated products, simply pop into Sansums of Swindon to discover more or get in touch to answer any questions you might have – 01793536784

What accessories do I need to install my Artificial Grass?

We have a range of artificial grass accessories that will help you complete your artificial grass installation.

Geotextile Woven Membrane

Geotextile Woven Membrane

A heavy-duty weed suppressing woven membrane that will help to maintain drainage and provides a cost effective solution for separation and filtration.

Azpects Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser

Azpects Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser

Azpects Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser is a high-performance water-based cleaner and sanitiser for all types of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Joint Tape

Artificial turf Joint Tape

This Artificial Grass Joint Tape is designed to be used in conjunction with Artificial Grass Glue to create a seam or joint when laying Artificial Grass.

Artificial Grass Glue

Grass Glue

A long-lasting Artificial Grass adhesive that is perfect to use when you need to create joints or seams. Sold by the tube, each one will complete a 3.5m join and should be applied with a mastic gun.

2-4mm limestone grit

2-4mm limestone grit

Limestone grit is the best option when choosing your sub-base, as although sand is cheaper it will over time grow bacteria, start to smell, and cause a whole host of other issues.

That’s why we recommend limestone for your artificial grass sub-base.

Our customers can collect loose load aggregates, meaning you can save on waste by taking the exact amount you need rather than being restricted to bulk bag loads. Quarter tonne minimum on all loose aggregates.

We can also deliver loose loads from 3 tonnes upwards.

Try one of our artificial grass and accessories today

Pop in and take a look and let us answer any questions you might have and address any concerns about your project.

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Transform Your Lawn with Artificial Grass Before Winter

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass conveniently comes in four-metre widths, ensuring a hassle-free and customisable solution for your garden.