Block Paving

Add a new touch to your garden

If you’re laying down a new driveway or new patio slabs, block paving is the ideal solution for an aesthetically pleasing look. With many patterns and styles available you’ll find something to match your tastes and the surrounding garden area.

These block paving slabs are also suitable for commercial areas such as car parks, estate roads and airport taxi-ways. Simply provide us with the measurements of the area you’re covering and we’ll provide you with the right amount, reducing waste and saving you money.

Laying paving slabs can be a big job, so we also offer advice on the best way to lay down your new driveway or path and what tools & materials to use.

Take a look at our range of block paving below and contact us on 01793 536784 for more information and an accurate price for what you need.


✓ We use only the very best materials
✓ We take great pride in the products we sell

Gold block paving Swindon

Alpha Antique – Autumn-Gold

Brindle block paving Swindon

Alpha Antique – Brindle

oak block paving Swindon

Alpha Antique – Burnt Oak

Alpha Antique – Charcoal

Alpha Antique – Charcoal

Silver Fleck block paving Swindon

Alpha Antique – Silver Fleck

Aura Bronze Fleck

Aura – Bronze Fleck

Aura block paving stockists Swindon

Aura – Burnt Fleck

Silver block paving stockists Wilts

Aura – Silver Fleck

block paving stockists Swindon Wiltshire

Omega – Autumn Gold

block paving stockists Swindon Wiltshire

Omega – Autumn Mix

Omega brindle

Omega – Brindle

block paving stockists Swindon

Omega – Buff

Omega – Charcoal

Omega – Charcoal

red block paving supplier

Omega – Red

Block paving stockists Wiltshire

Regatta – Autumn Gold

Regatta – Burnt Oak

Regatta – Burnt Oak

Block paving stockists Swindon Wiltshire

Regatta – Silver Haze

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Block Paving Trays

For use with block paving to access drainage

Here at Sansums, it’s our goal to help our customers create a beautiful outdoor space they’ll be proud of.

That’s why we have a huge selection of high-quality block paving to choose from, with styles, colours and finishes to suit any home. Whether you’re looking to add a traditional, rustic touch or achieve a striking modern finish, we’ll be sure to have what you need. If you need a hand, we’ll be more than happy to help you select the right colour, finish and amount for your project.

We’ll simply just need you to provide us with the measurements of the area you’d like to cover, and we’ll provide a rough estimate for the amount you’ll need. No one wants to be throwing away money, so we’ll ensure that you have exactly the right amount of block paving and won’t have loads left over after the job is done.

Block paving is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects, thanks to its durability and strength. It can also withstand a lot of foot traffic, making it a perfect choice for any heavy-duty area. With correct maintenance, block paving will last for years and even if a single block gets damaged, it can easily be removed or replaced. One of the many types of block paving we stock is the attractive Alpha. These blocks will add interest to any outdoor space and their distinctive appearance will suit both traditional and modern development, maturing in character as time passes.

It’s not surprising that Alpha Antique is a very popular choice! Our Alpha Antique blocks are available in Autumn-gold, Brindle, Burnt Oak, Charcoal and Silver Fleck. Omega block paving gives that classic rectangular concrete block paving look that’s a UK favourite.

It can be laid in various imaginative patterns and thanks to our huge stock of colours, you’ll have endless scope for design. Its modern lines will also allow it to blend with every environment. Our Omega block paving comes in the colours – Autumn Gold, Autumn Mix, Brindle, Buff, Charcoal and red.

The possibilities for design will be endless. Finally, we also stock Regatta Block Paving. Regatta Paving will give a beautiful statement with its riven cobbled look – whatever project you have in mind, it’ll give a striking, distinctive style.

You can also choose from these additional block paving products:

  • Charcoal high kerb
  • 150mm x 915mm flat top edging
  • 200mm x 915mm flat top edging
  • 250mm x 915mm flat top edging
  • 300mm x 300mm block paving cover
  • 450mm X 450mm block paving cover
  • 600mm x 450mm block paving cover
  • 600mm x 600mm block paving cover
  • 25kg kiln dried sand
  • Sealer for block paving 5L
  • 1m long aco channel grid
  • Aco end cap
  • Adventex 2.25m x 25m

So, if you’re looking for high-quality block paving at a highly competitive price, be sure to get in touch with Sansums.

We stock a huge range of block paving and will be more than happy to give you the advice you need to choose the perfect materials for your next project.

Get in touch with our professional team today on 01793 536784, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through our range of stock and help you select everything you need for your next project.

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Decorative Gravel

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Old Gold paving blocks and slabs Swindon

Patio & Paving

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Block Paving Swindon

Block Paving

We will advise you on the best way to add a new touch to your garden or driveway and what tools & materials to use
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