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Decorative Gravel in many Colours and Styles

Any garden, public communal area or commercial outdoor area can be made more visually striking. Using decorative gravel is just one of the ways you can achieve this with numerous colours available.

We can even help you select the right colour and the right amount for your purposes. Simply provide us with a few measurements and we can work out a rough estimate for the amount you need. You don’t want to be throwing money away by buying more than you need.

Take a look at our range of decorative gravel below. All of our prices shown are inclusive of VAT and delivery into Swindon. Bulk bags cover approximately 12sq metres at 50mm depth. Smaller bags are available so please contact us on 01793 536784 and we can give you an accurate price for what you need.

Decorative Gravel has become increasingly popular over recent years not only because of the large selection available but also due to the ease at which it can be used to brighten up the dullest areas. Any garden, public communal area or commercial outdoor area can be made more visually striking with some decorative gravel. With a little imagination, it is possible to create a low-cost feature to not only enhance your garden but also increase the value of your property!
Here at Sansums, we have numerous colours available to choose from, ready for any garden renovation. We can help you select the right colour and the right amount for the task at hand. We’ll simply just need you to provide us with a few measurements and we’ll be able to work out a rough estimate for the amount you need. No one wants to be throwing away money, so we’ll ensure that you’ll have the right amount of gravel and won’t be buying more than you need.
Our golden gravel is an attractive multicoloured natural aggregate and the perfect accompaniment for drives and ground cover. It’s semi-angular, so will not displace on drives as much as smaller materials will. It’s also a very distinctive choice for borders, rockeries and ground cover.
Caledonian Scottish cobbles are also an attractive choice, perfect for use within rockeries or water features. They’re also the perfect choice for creating a low maintenance border area or natural-looking edging around flower beds.
Plum Slate is a great choice if you’re looking to create a path or cover ground. It’s a stunning slate with blue and grey colouring which will provide a natural open-textured finish in your garden. Red granite is yet another popular choice, commonly known for its bright colour and great definition and texture. It has a lovely deep red colour and will give a more defined colour and shape in your garden, especially when used for landscaping areas around plants. You can contrast it again with strong plain colours for the best effect.
Not sure exactly how to use your decorative gravel? Be sure to check out our gallery, featuring a range of examples of some completed projects using our products. Take a look here.
If you’re an avid gardener, aggregates and gravels can be a great choice as mulches. When used on top of the soil, they’ll add moisture retention in the summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation.
So, if you’re looking for high-quality decorative gravel at a highly competitive price, be sure to come to Sansums. We stock a huge range of decorative gravel and will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect type for your next project. Get in touch with our professional team on 01793 536784, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through our range of stock and help you select everything you need for your next project.

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