Which is the Right Kind of Builders Sand for Your Project?

When it comes to building aggregates, including builders sand and gravel, we have everything you need to get your project completed. From 1 ton of sharp sand to all kinds of decorative gravel, whether it’s for your own garden or a commercial building project, our range of builder sand and gravel is vast. All you need to do is tell us what you need, and we will help you with the rest.

Domestic and Commercial Building Projects

Whether your project is domestic or commercial, you may be looking for general advice as to which is the best type of builders sand and gravel for your project, This is especially the case when it comes to domestic projects where you may be trying to do the job yourself but we also can help with commercial project advice too. You tell us what the job entails and we will advise on the best products for the best results.

Which is the Right Kind of Builders Sand for Your Project?

Best Builders Sand for the Job

Let’s take a look at the different types of builder sand available and which sand you should choose for your particular project.

Mixed Sand

If your project involves patio or block laying then you are well advised to use mixed sand. We sell it by the 25kg bag or you can buy in half or full bulk bags of sand. In fact, this applies to all of the sands we sell.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand, also known as coarse sand or pit sand, is a popular choice for building projects. It is coarse and the grains can be sharp and angular in shape. It’s especially good for floor screeding or for use under block paving. It is also often used in concrete as the coarse grains bond well forming a tough and solid surface.

WG Ballast

If you are mixing concrete then the best sand for this particular job is WG Ballast.

Red Sand

Red sand is often used in building where a reddish mortar is required. It offers great drainage and avoids paving stones becoming water logged. It is also popular due to its attractive colour.

Red Pave

Red pave is a self-binding aggregate used in sports surfaces and pathways. It’s fine gravel properties make it a great choice as it’s firmer underfoot and has great setting properties.

Kiln Dried Sand

Used as an infill between paving slabs and block paving, the sand stabilises preventing movement and allowing drainage. It is simple to use and can simply be brushed into the gaps between paving slabs where it will naturally set. It is a very fine sand that contains no moisture.

Where Can I Buy Sand in Bulk?

The answer to ‘where can I buy sand in bulk near me?’ is quite simple – if you are looking for builders sand and gravel then look no further. Bulk bags of sand can be purchased right here at our Swindon premises.

You can either come along and look at the products for yourself, or you can order your builders sand and gravel for delivery. If you would like to discuss your project requirements with us, or simply take a look at our extensive range, we would be happy to accommodate.

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