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Paving Slabs Reading – The Sansums paving slab service

Confused by the amount of paving slabs on the market? Unsure which is best for your property? Maybe you want to bring some life into your patio or driveway?

This post will outline what paving slabs are exactly and why you should think about buying some for your property. Paving slabs are very flexible and can be used in a variety of different ways. Paving slabs are able to create stylish exteriors to both residential and commercial properties. Here at Sansums we are able to cope with any paving requirements you may have and provide a solution.

If you have any questions regarding our paving slabs Reading service then please get in touch with a member of the team here and Sansums and we will be happy to talk through the options and help you get the paving you are after.

What are paving slabs?

Paving slabs are essentially the pieces of stone or slate that make up pavements. Paving slabs are very popular due to the customizability that comes with them as they can be laid in a variety of ways and formats to sort the needs of the project.

Paving slabs are traditionally used on the driveways of properties and sometimes terraces and garden areas – Paving slabs provide durability against the different seasons and require very little maintenance – an alternative to Paving Slabs is sometimes decking in gardens, the downside to decking is the maintenance that comes with it such as painting and washing of the deck.

If paving slabs to become damaged or broken it is extremely easy to replace one of the slabs.

Why should you use paving slabs?

Paving, in general, is mainly used for patios and the front area of houses but is also often used in major construction environments to brighten up the outside areas of a building. There are four main types of paving slabs all having their own unique capabilities… the main types are concrete, stone, acrylic

What are the benefits to paving slabs?

As discussed briefly there are many benefits to paving slabs which translates to a variety of reasons that you should choose them for your paving needs.

The main reason they are used by so many is the diverse and endless amounts of patterns that can be created. In addition to this the colour of the slabs can be changed to suit your needs and create intricate patterns in the final paving that is laid.

The final major benefit to paving slabs is the ease at which they can be installed – it really takes a very little amount of time to create aesthetically appealing pavement.

Our paving slabs Reading service

Here at Sansums we offer a variety of different shaped block paving slabs all varying in colour and size. What this means for you the consumer is endless amounts of possibilities for your paving.

Our block paving stock is also ideal for commercial environments such as car parks and roads/pavements.

Sansums have been in this paving slab industry for over 40 years and have developed a strong reputation and relationship with our customers
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