Garden Trends 2021 – All the Latest Looks and Trends

2020. We can all agree, it was a bit of a weird year. However, for many of us, it was one where we finally had the time to get back into our gardens and transform them into the spaces that we’ve always dreamt of. Perhaps even, 2020 was the years that you found your green thumb and realised how precious your outdoor space is to you.

Here at Sansums Sand & Gravel, we decided to take a look into some of the latest garden trends for 2021, so that you can ensure that your space is looking stylish, especially with the likelihood that you’ll be using your garden a lot more in 2021.
wildlife friendly garden 2021

Trend 1: Enhancing Nature

Throughout 2020, our gardens were definitely our havens and a greater emphasis was placed on the effect of both nature and outdoor space.

In 2021, many gardens will be featuring plants that are a haven for birds and bees. After all, we are not the only ones who enjoy our garden spaces and many creatures also call your garden space home.

In addition to plants, a garden pond can also be a brilliant way to attract frogs and toads to your garden and bird boxes, feeders and hedgehog houses can other creatures feel safe.
If you want to find out more about creating a more wildlife-friendly garden, make sure to read our blog today!
Raised Garden Beds

Trend 2: Raised Beds

Another latest garden trend to have on your radar for the next year is raised garden beds. Of course, they’re not anything new in the gardening world, yet their straightforward design has certainly become more and more popular recently.

Building a raised wooden garden bed can create a brilliant feature in your outside space and it also fits well in any space, even if you don’t have a lot of room to work with.
Small Garden Space 2021

Trend 3: Tiny Garden Spaces

If you have a smaller garden space, don’t be mistaken, it does have potential!
Working with a tiny space is all about making the most of what you have, and appreciating the value of the space – no matter how small it is!

Recently, the desire to garden has grown hugely across the country. This has caused many people to create their own gardens, even in the smallest of spaces, whether that’s a balcony or a windowsill.

Making use of every piece of space is key, so why not add vertical growing systems on your walls and fences, as well as hanging planters and other such containers.

If you are looking for easy to grow plants, herbs and microgreens are a great choice and can be grown on windowsills!
Sustainable Gardening 2021

Trend 4: Sustainable Gardening

The sustainable gardening movement is continuing to gain a lot of traction, and there are some great easy ways to make your garden that bit more environmentally friendly.

For example, mulching and using mulch in your flower beds can save water by regulating soil temperature and preventing soil from drying out. Mulch will also suppress weeds and add nutrients into the soil.
Gravel Garden 2021

Trend 5: Gravel Gardens

A gravel garden is an excellent way to create a low maintenance garden space that is still rewarding. Mediterranean shrubs such as Lavender and self-seeding and perennial flowers such as poppies will grow well in a gravel garden. All you’ll need to do is scatter the seeds at the right time and let nature do the rest!

As seen above, there are going to be some lovely garden trends throughout 2021. Will you be embracing them and creating the garden of your dreams?

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