Front Garden Designs 2018

How To Update Your Front Garden 2018

Front Garden DesignsFront gardens play a big part in establishing the first impression of your house. If done well, your front garden can highlight the beauty and architectural features of your home.

However, if you let your front garden deteriorate, it could lessen the appeal of your house and disrupt the street scene.

A neat and formal front garden can raise your home’s value by improving curb appeal. Therefore, even if you are not planning on selling your house any time soon, updating your home’s exterior will be a worthy investment in the future.

At Sansums, we appreciate that a new front garden design can take time and money to create. This is why we only sell the highest quality products at their most affordable prices. We can also suggest some creative and low-maintenance ways to keep your front garden looking in tip-top condition. Call us now on 01793 536784 for more advice from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

As much as it is nice to have a stylish rear garden for the summer months and social occasions, you use your front garden much more frequently throughout the year. Having a well-kept front garden can improve your mood each time you walk out the front door, ensuring you start each day with a positive mindset.

There are countless ways you can design your front garden. It is likely to be unique to fit the exterior aesthetics of your house and your own personal taste.

We sell a whole range of products including decorative gravel, paving at patio slabs, edging, soil/compost/bark, and many more. Make sure to browse the rest of our website you see how your front garden can be transformed.


Modern Front GardenA common way to make your front garden look beautiful is to decorate it with a mixture of evergreen and colourful seasonal features. This can help your garden standout without compromising on the neatness. There is still a lot to consider before purchasing your plants including what colour? What size? and, where? Evergreen plants stay green all year but are unlikely to flower. They are great if you want to save yourself time and money.

If you would like a bit of colour thrown in the design, then we recommend incorporating a mixture of both evergreens and colour. Azaleas are a flowering evergreen plant so require minimal effort. Make sure you always check the watering and sunlight needs of the plant before purchasing to ensure that they are the right fit for your newly designed front garden.

Be sure to take into account the layout of your house when designing your front garden. You do not want to accidentally block a window that you need access too. It is often the case that plants are planted low underneath the windows and high against the walls to avoid this issue. The most aesthetically pleasing front gardens usually have great symmetry and structure with well-defined flower beds, straight lines, and solid planting.

The layout should signal where people should go. You may want to incorporate a clear path or big pots on either side of your front door. If you like your front garden as it is but just want to vamp it up a little bit, this can be easily done with shapely hedges, shallow beds, and plant uplighters

We understand that a huge consideration of your front garden is that it needs to have functionality. It may be the case that you require a parking space more than luscious greenery. Gravel is a timeless classic which can be made to look very smart and modern if done right. It is also perfect if you are looking for a design that requires little maintenance.

If you do not have much ground space, there are plenty of other ways to liven up your front garden. For example, you could add window flower boxes or climbing walls. A potted plant on either side of your front door would also be a nice addition.

Top Tip

To keep your front garden looking bright and alive all year round, one idea is to keep eight big pots on the go in the rear garden. You can plant them up in pairs with plants for each season and then wheel them out as they begin to shine in turn.

Another way to improve your garden’s aesthetic in the darker months is to install battery operated, warm fairy lights wrapped around the structural plants.

What Sansum Can Provide

Garden MaterialsHere at Sansum, we can provide the highest quality materials at reasonable prices. We stock a range of materials including decorative gravel, building aggregates, paving and patio slabs, block paving, coping and pier caps, edging, topsoil, compost, bark, and a variety of tools.

Our top-quality sand and gravel can help fill your outdoor space and our edging can contain and define those spaces. Our edging is guaranteed to keep your soil and gravel in place in the bed, or it can be used to lay out paths. We offer a wide range of edging styles to suit any taste and garden style.

Also, check out our range of tools which will aid your front garden renovation project. They are high quality and built to last so you will not need to worry about replacing them once you have finished.

Our experts are on hand to offer further advice and information so do not hesitate to contact us on 01793 536784.