Fencing and Fence Panels Swindon

We supply a huge range of high-quality and all-weather bearing fences and fence panels Swindon for you to use in your garden or building project.

We are able to advise you on which fence panels are most suited to your needs, plus any additional parts such as fence posts, fence rails, feather edge boards, gravel boards, capping rails, and fixings that you may need to complete your dream fence in your garden or business garden.

The closed board fence panels Swindon is the most popular style of fencing that we supply. It’s strong and durable and is capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions when constructed properly and maintained well throughout its life. The closed board fence panels can last for many years if correctly cared for. Their appearance is not spoiled by their durability. They still look attractive in many gardens and you can paint them to suit your style.

All of our fence panels Swindon are pressure-treated softwood which means they are less likely to be infected with rot, decay or other diseases. We do recommend, to prolong your fence’s life, coating each one of your fence panels with wood preservatives to ensure that they remain resistant to decay and insect attacks. Using a wood preservative also makes your fence panels waterproof so that they are not weakened from the English weather.

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard Fencing

We endeavour to make your fence panel purchasing as simple as possible.

 This is why we stock feather edge closeboard fencing kits so you know that you are receiving all of the parts that you need to build your dream fence. If you need extra parts for your fence, we also stock each part individually so you aren’t left with a half-finished fence!

Our highly trained and experienced team is on hand in-store and on the phone to advise you on choosing the fence panels Swindon and other building aggregates you may require for your building project.

Contact us today on 01793 536784 and one of our staff members will be able to help you choose the right parts and equipment for your project.

lydd pebbles Swindon

Decorative Gravel

Perfect for all gardens and outdoor commercial areas.  Choose from various colours and shades

Old Gold paving blocks and slabs Swindon

Patio & Paving

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or renovating your existing garden, find something to suit your needs here

Block Paving Swindon

Block Paving

We will advise you on the best way to add a new touch to your garden or driveway and what tools & materials to use
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Sansums Fencing Department stocks a range of closeboard fencing kits so that you can order the parts you need

Transform Your Lawn with Artificial Grass Before Winter

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass conveniently comes in four-metre widths, ensuring a hassle-free and customisable solution for your garden.

Fence Panels Swindon

In addition to the closed board fence panels Swindon, Sansums also offers a wide range of other fence panels that are perfect for various garden or building projects.

These fence panels are made from pressure-treated softwood, which reduces the risk of rot, decay, and other diseases. To further prolong the life of the fence panels, it is recommended to coat them with wood preservatives to ensure resistance to decay and insect attacks. Additionally, this coating makes the fence panels waterproof, protecting them from the unpredictable English weather.

For customers looking for a convenient solution, Sansums stocks feather edge close board fencing kits that include all the necessary parts for building a fence. If extra parts are needed, each part is available individually. With the assistance of their knowledgeable and experienced team, customers can receive expert advice both in-store and over the phone to ensure they choose the right fence panels and other building aggregates for their project.

To start your project, contact Sansums at 01793 536784; our staff will gladly assist you.