How to Enjoy Your Garden in Late Summer

It may be August, however, it’s not quite yet time to start packing away the garden furniture and start retiring back indoors. There is always time to soak up those last few rays and take a moment to enjoy your garden space in August, even though the days are that bit shorter and the evenings are that bit chillier. If you are looking for ways in which to enjoy your garden and make the most of your space in late summer, make sure to read on below for some of our top late summer gardening tips.
Patio Fire Pit

Install a Fire Pit

The first of our late summer gardening tips is installing a fire pit. Whilst the evenings may be cooler, that doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy your garden in late summer. Why not invite families and friends over for a catch up around the fire pit. Kids will also love toasting marshmallows!
Fire pits make for a perfect focal area in your garden seating area or patio area and they look fantastic surrounded by outdoor sofas filled with cosy cushions and blankets.
Haven’t got room for a fire pit? Why not invest in some storm lanterns which will shelter your candles from the wind, to create a warm ambience as the evenings start to draw in.
Late Summer Dahlias

Boost Your Blooms

August is a great time to fill seasonal gaps in displays where summer bulbs have died away. A great example of this is strategically placed pots of lilies, upright fuchsias and patio dahlias.

Late Summer Container Plants


Care for Your Containers

Late summer is the perfect time of year to pay attention to your containers as at this time of year they will be packed full of roots. This means that they will need to be fed, watered and deadheaded more often than usual to ensure that they are kept looking their best.
If your plants are clearly past their prime, make sure to be ruthless. Tip them out and replace them with fresh autumnal flowers such as Fuchsias, Pelargoniums and Autumn Pansies in fresh compost.
Late Summer Harvest Vegetables

Save What You Can!

Whilst you’re deciding what to keep and what to remove, it’s important that you ensure that you save every last bit of bounty.
Capitalise on successful plants by saving seeds to sow the next season and pick large batches of fruit and vegetables to turn into jams and other preserves.
Should you grow herbs, make sure to harvest these too and dry them, to use in your cooking throughout the rest of the year.
Late Summer Garden Planning

Plan for Next Year

September can be a great time to walk around your garden and write a list of what you are going to include and exclude in your garden space next year.
Take time to look for gaps that you’ll like to fill next season, to give yourself some inspiration and to make sure that you can create your dream space at your next opportunity.

A Handful of Late Summer Gardening Tips To Create Your Perfect Garden Space

There’s no doubt that once you’ve completed all of our above late summer gardening tips, you’ll have earned your fair share of late summer relaxation. Make sure to sit back, relax and take a moment to breathe, taking in all of the hard work you’ve done. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that all of the planting, pruning and planning you’ve done now will be sure to pay off later in the year as we move into Autumn and Winter.
Here at Sansums Sand & Gravel, we are proud to stock a huge range of high-quality products for your garden space, all at affordable prices, to create that perfect late summer space you’ve always dreamt of. No matter what you have in mind, make sure to get in touch with our team on either 01793 536794 or, who’ll be more than happy to help you select the perfect materials for the job.