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Edgings can play an important role in the aesthetic of any garden. It may not be something you’ve necessarily thought about, but if you’re looking to keep your garden neat and tidy, garden edgings can be an easy way to give a professional finish.

Here at Sansums, we can provide a range of high-quality edgings in Swindon to contain and define your borders, all guaranteed to keep any soil or gravel in place. Whether your garden has a landscaped, formal look, or is more natural, be sure to read on and take a look at our guide to creating perfect garden edges.

Why Choose Garden Edgings?

Garden edgings will create clean, crisp lines between your flower beds and other areas, They’re most commonly used between one lawn and the adjoining garden, but edging can also define a flower bed border, a shrub bed or transition from a patio to its surrounding garden. It emphasizes the lines of the beds and separates each focal point.

From a more practical standpoint, edgings will also help keep your grass from spreading over into other garden areas and it’ll prevent soil or mulch from the garden from spilling onto the lawn.

How To Install Garden Edgings

Step 1: Measure and mark your project area. A piece of string can be handy for this, to mark out long borders.

Step 2: Using a shovel, dig a trench along the area you marked. This trench should be roughly 2 inches to 3 inches deep, depending on the type of edging stones you’re installing. Make sure to keep the loose earth somewhere nearby to fill in around your edging stones once you place them.

Step 3: Add levelling sand into the trench and compact it with a tamper.

Step 4: Place the edging stones into the trench and then make sure they’re completely level with a carpenter’s level. If you are working my curved sections, it may be handy to use a torpedo level. If you do find that some of the stones need levelling, simply add some more sand and use a mallet to level them out.

Step 5: Fill in any open spaces around the side of the edging stones with some of the loose earth you kept back before – this will secure the stones in place.

The Garden Edgings Swindon We Stock:

Here at Sansums, we not only provide top quality gravel to decorate your outdoor spaces, but also the right edging to contain and define. We offer a wide range of different styles to suit your garden, including rustic, contemporary and Victorian. These are also available in different materials and colours, including barley, antique grey and terracotta.

Both our ‘Full Scroll Welsh Slate’ and our ‘Full Scroll Old Red’ brings an elegant and attractive edge to your garden and flower beds. It’s a great way to bring a formal solution for your traditional garden.

Our garden edgings are both weather resistant and an extremely affordable choice, which makes them very popular with our customers. They praise them for their simple yet timeless look that compliments any garden.
Block Edgings Swindon

Garden Edgings Swindon From Sansums

So, whatever style you want for your garden, here at Sansums we’ll be more than happy to supply and deliver the edgings you need. Since our beginning in 1972, we have proudly helped hundreds of customers create the garden space they’ve always dreamed of. We’re a company of high-quality products and professionalism, so when you order fencing from us, you’ll receive pressure tested softwood that’ll last.

To find out more about our high-quality Edgings Swindon, please feel free to call us on 01793 536784 and a member of our experienced team will be more than happy to talk you through our stock and help you choose exactly what you need.