Block Paving Swindon

Block Paving Swindon – By Sansums Sand & Gravel

Customers often get confused by what exactly block paving is and how it differs to a just laying a concrete floor. Why do people choose to have block paving done to their property and why is our Block Paving Swindon service at Sansums used by so many?

This article will answer these questions and talk about what exactly block paving is and whether it is the right choice for your property.

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What is Block Paving Swindon?

Block paving is often described in many ways, most commonly it is a form of decorative method used by landscapers and gardeners that creates a form of a hard standing surface which is the most commonly used as a driveway or patio.

The unique thing and main reason that block paving is used by so many is due to the way that each brick can individually be lifted out and then replaced – what this means for you, the customer, is that if a brick were to break or show signs of wear and tear then you can easily replace the brick that is affected.

Our block paving Swindon service is suitable for many situations, not just personal properties but other areas such as car parks, estate roads and airport taxiways.

Why do you need Block Paving?

Block paving provides a more aesthetically appealing look as oppose to traditional cement or tarmac for outdoor areas.

Once that Block Paving is in place the area is able to be used for multiple purposes. As mentioned above the bricks or tiles used in the creation of the paving means that over time these can be replaced, however, some people enjoy the look and character that comes with general wear and tear on the bricks.

The Block Paving Swindon service offered at Sansums also comes in a vast variety of sizes so that you can choose your ideal look, feel and size with ease. To find out the exact sizes on offer please visit our Block Paving page.

What are the Benefits to Block Paving SwindonBlock Paving Swindon

Now that we know exactly what Block Paving is and why people choose to get their driveway and outdoor area paved, what are the benefits? The benefits of block paving can be split into 4 main things which are:

Low Maintenance
When you have to constantly be attending to your outdoor space it can be a pain, especially when you lead a busy life. This is why block paving can be a great choice of outdoor flooring as it is extremely low maintenance. This is partly down to the material, as there is no need to top it up with extra stones, or re-polish etc.

The only maintenance it requires is the occasional wash down with some soap and water and some weeding in between the paves. This should ensure the look and quality of the paving stones lasts for years.

Weather resistant
Block Paving is very weather resistant and therefore is a great choice for English home as we face a significant range of weathers depending on the time of year. You can easily shovel snow off and ice off and it will not be affected by heavy rains or winds.

High Versatility
Whatever kind of style you would like to create by block paving with Sansums, it is possible. There is a range of different shades and styles available.

You can use a mixture to create a pattern of your choice and bring out the best of your outdoor space. It can be used the create a seating area to place a table and chairs on top of, as a driveway or to great a path.

Ecologically Sound
Some surfacing choices are not very environmentally friendly. Block paving is one of the options which is not so bad in comparison. Water is able to settle on block paving without any flooding or puddles as a result of its porous nature and sinks into the material.

It is important to have a material that allows proper drainage.

Durable & Long Lasting
If cared for correctly, block paving is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is estimated to last around three decades or more without any real issues.

It’s hard wearing nature makes it perfect for a manner of purposes from driveways, to paths, to garden patios. Block paving is even used in facilities such as docks and airports due to its extreme durability and ability to take heavy weights.

Visually Appealing
As mentioned previously, block paving is highly versatile as there is a vast selection of colours and styles. This means you can make a choice which perfectly compliments your home and transform your outdoor space into a modern and stylish area.

Whether you’d like to place your paving stones in a grid-like shape or create a more curvaceous design, we can help you to meet these wants and requirements. Simply let us know your rough budget and our team will use their expertise to help you in making design decisions.

Block Paving Swindon

A Change in Law

From the 1st of October 2008, a new legislation applied for homeowners who wished to pave over their front gardens to create a driveway or a walkway.

The terms of these new block paving rules were that if the surface covered more than five square metres, then planning permission was necessary for laying traditional, impermeable driveways that do not control rainwater running off onto nearby roads. No planning permission is required if the driveway uses porous surfacing which allows water to drain through.

As mentioned before, Sansums block paving allows rainwater to sink beneath the material.

Sansum’s Block Paving Swindon Service

As mentioned above the Sansums service is suitable for many different areas. This is due to the vast customization possibilities with our service. We offer a wide variety from Gold Block Paving to Aura block paving – To find out the full range of paving on offer please visit our block paving page to find out more.

At Sansums we pride ourselves on customer service, reliability and quality of our product.

We tailor our services to meet your needs. All we need to do is collect the correct measurements for the area that needs to be paved and we will provide the exact amount needed which will result in reduced waste and saves you money.Please do get in touch with a member of the team here at Sansums

and we will be happy to help with any of the questions you may have and together we can start transforming the outside of your property today!

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