The Benefits of Closeboard Fence Panels Swindon

What are the benefits of Closeboard Fencing

First let’s take a look at what closeboard fencing is, before we explore the benefits of closeboard fence panels Swindon and what you can expect from this popular style of modern fencing.

What is Closeboard Fencing?

Consisting of a range of vertical “slats” which slightly overlap, closeboard fencing is different to traditional fence panels in that the boards are individually fitted and provide many benefits over the available alternatives. We take a look at some of the benefits of these preferred fence panels Swindon and why they are such a popular choice.

The Benefits of Closeboard Fence Panels Swindon

More Secure Fence Panels Swindon

Unlike 6 foot standard fence panels, closeboard fencing does a much better job of withstanding the impact of strong winds. When the winds are strong, Swindon fence panels can bend and break with the force of the gusts. The individual closeboard panels are constructed with an overlap and the fact that they are adhered to beams that extend the length of the fencing structure means that they are a lot more resilient to being brought down in strong winds. Their design makes them much sturdier.

More Stylish

There is something quite impressive about closeboard fencing. It looks more stylish than fence panels Swindon. Even when they age, these closeboard panels still look great. They don’t sustain so much damage and they are so easy to look after. They only need re-treating every 2-3 years and you don’t even need to paint them in a particular colour. Many people leave them as the original colour and treat them after 2 years.

Longer Lasting Fencing

Given its strength and durability, you can expect your closebaord fencing to last longer than standard fence panels. Closeboard fence panels Swindon tend to have a 15-year life span which is a long time, especially when you consider how much they have to contend with from the elements of the Great British weather.

More Cost Effective to Maintain

If you sustain damage to one board, it is much easier, and cheaper to replace than a whole panel. Just pop the old one out and replace with one vertical board. As a local fencing supply company Swindon, we can help you with this. This form of fencing is easy to access and the way it is installed means you can usually access it without bothering the neighbours.

If you are looking for reliable and quality fencing supplies Swindon, then look no further. You can check out our range of products and we can offer the benefit of our experience. As a leading fencing company Swindon, we are happy to advise and help you select the products you need.