5 Ways that our Bulk Aggregates will Decorate Your Driveway

Do you remember the time you bought your first car? The feeling of jumping into a vehicle which you could drive, was all yours and gave you that independence.

However, do you remember the first time that wondering machine received a scratch, a bump or a ding especially if it happened when your car was parked outside your own business or home?
2020 has been an odd year for all us but it’s the year that businesses and homeowners will look back as being a time that they got those property improvements completed. When businesses finally got round to updating their driveways and homeowners ensured that their driveways were keeping up with next door.

With over 38 million cars reported to be on UK roads and around 68% of them being parked overnight on private property, it will be no surprise that people are looking for a cost-effective and attractive way to enhance their driveways.

Here at Sansums Sand & Gravel, in Wiltshire, we can help you choose the right bulk aggregates to enhance your driveway, give you a safe place to park your car and make sure that it looks great.

But what are the benefits to gravelling your driveway? We give our Wiltshire residents and customers 5 ways as to why gravel is great and aggregates are amazing.
gravel driveway

Looks Great

Back in the 1980s, the trend was to knock down that garden wall, get rid of the plants and tarmac the front of your house. However, in a county like Wiltshire, known for its prehistoric landmarks and beautiful countryside, we all want to ensure our own properties reflect that beauty.

Gravelling your driveway with aggregate is a great aesthetically pleasing way to decorate and provide the perfect driveway. We stock over 15 different types of aggregates that can all be bought in bulk from slate to granite, cobbles to limestone and flint to shingle, giving you maximum choice to suit your tastes, your neighbourhood and driveway.

Environmentally Friendly

We all know how important it is to be kinder to our planet, to be looking after the bees and lowering carbon emissions, but did you know that your driveway could help?

Choosing aggregates and gravel to decorate your driveway allows for a porous surface so water runs away quickly and more importantly it consumes no energy to manufacture. By gravelling your driveway you are helping local nature to thrive and it’s even better for your potted plants.


When choosing how to create your driveway, it’s good to know that even budget can be beautiful with an aggregate driveway. Sansums can help you in finding the right solution to fit your budget, by buying aggregates in bulk you can have a cost-effective way of creating that perfect driveway now you have upgraded the beat-up old Micra that was your first car.
Bulk Aggregates Supplier Wiltshire


With more cars on the road than ever before having a driveway can be a great safety feature for your car and your home. By choosing to invest in a driveway we know it adds value to our homes but it also creates a safe way to store our car. Better still it creates a safe way for your family to get in and out of the vehicle, whether it’s your toddler unsteady on their feet or your surly teenager that opens a door without looking.’

So the next time you traipse to the car for your early morning commute of throw open your curtains to a new day just think you could have a beautiful driveway that fits your budget, your needs and is keeping both your car and family that little bit safer.

Contact Sansums Sand and Gravel now for a quote and further advice on creating that beautiful driveway.